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Learn From Our Team

In the videos below, our experienced team members will walk you through various parts of the auction platform giving you the tools you need to host a successful auction. Your auction success is important to us so please reach out to your account manager if you need additional assistance or have questions on the topics below.



Building Your Auction Site

Learn the basic steps on setting up your Auction Platform

Updating Your Homepage

Learn how you can update text on your homepage and customize your homepage to better suite your needs

Adding Your Logo

Learn how to add your logo to your site

Adding Your Profile

Learn more about your auction company settings and entering information about your auction company that will be used throughout the platform.

Creating Custom Pages

Learn about the powerful feature of creating custom pages on your platform and how you can use custom pages to build out an informative website to support your user base.

Changing Your Auction Theme

Learn about all the different available themes in your auction platform and how you can globally change the colors of your platform to match your auction company brand.

Adding an Auction

Learn how easy it is to add an auction to your auction platform.

Adding Auction Questions

Learn how to add questions that are required for bidders to answer before they can bid on auction items.

User Registration and Setup

Learn about user registration and how users setup their profile in the system.

Adding Social Media Pages

Setting Up a Consignor

Learn how to setup consignors in the system and give them permissions to edit their sale information.

Admin Searching and Filtering

Learn about the powerful admin tools to help you search for auctions, users, invoices etc and how the filtering works on these screens.

Adding Categories

Learn how to add new categories for your online auctions and how these categories will appear on your site.

Sale Settlements

Learn how sale settlements work in the system and how to add adjustments when needed.

Building Your Sale

Learn how to build a sale using our admin tools